About The Society


The Last Wishes Society is a non-denominational volunteer community society located in New Denver BC.  It was formed to provide information about various types of funeral arrangements, including private funerals. This knowledge allows an individual or family to make informed choices in planning for burial or cremation.

Funerals are usually provided by commercial funeral companies. However it is legal in British Columbia for the family to make private funeral arrangements.

The Carpenter Creek Last Wishes Society does not provide funeral services. We do provide information regarding private arrangements.

A death in the family is exceedingly stressful. Last Wishes encourages pre-planning. In this way, decisions regarding the disposal of the deceased’s body will have been considered and documented.

Due to the small population of New Denver, we are limited in the area we can support.  If there is interest in your community to start your own group, requirements can be found under the Starting Your Own Society header.


The aim of the Carpenter Creek Last Wishes Society is to provide information and support to residents of the Slocan Lake area. This empowers, and therefore enables, people to care for their loved ones when they die. The Society encourages planning prior to death, and provides information on what is required at the time death occurs. Costs are kept to a minimum.


Slocan Lake BC, Our beautiful home.