Comercial Funeral Costs


All costs are subject to change. These are quoted from Thompson Funeral Service in Nelson.

Thompson Funeral Service also operates Valley Funeral Home which is based out of Nakusp. Because they have a lower cost those are the costs that are quoted below.

Professional and Staff Service                     $969.00

This amount includes the initial meeting with a family to collect information and coordinate the disposition, coordination of details with the cemetery and or crematorium, ordering merchandise including caskets required for cremation or burial, record keeping and clerical assistance:  including completion of Government procedures/forms, registration, death certificates and burial permits, filling the registration of death with Vital Statistics, availability of staff 24 hours a day.

Transfer Services                                              $ 455.00

Includes use of removal vehicle, stretcher, linens and staff.

Transportation from place of death regardless of location (within the West Kootenays) to the funeral home and from the funeral home to the crematorium which is located in Nelson, BC.

Facilities – General                                          $ 575.00

Includes use of administration and receiving areas, including office and chapel space used during arrangements and visitation. Includes a cooling facility.

Cremation                                                   $915.00

Amount paid to the crematorium for the cremation and record keeping.

Death Certificates                                            $27.00

Amount per original death certificate. Photo copies are provided free of charge.

Consumer Protection BC                               $30.00

This amount is paid on every death in BC. This agency regulates our contracts and licensing as well as if you had a complaint this would be the agency you would contact.


A basic black vinyl urn is included at no charge. If you would like to purchase something different costs start at $89.00

Cremation Container                                      $299.00

This is a rigid, leak proof container that is required bylaw that the deceased is placed in for cremation.  It is made of a pine frame with cardboard inserts. The deceased remains in this container for the process of cremation. This can be upgraded to a pine container for an additional fee.


COST SUMMARY  Subtotal   $3270.00  + GST $163.50  =  TOTAL  $3433.50