Commercial Funeral Providers


These are businesses which offer a wide variety of services, from full formal funerals to cremation only.  Their costs vary, and it is important to request full disclosure of all fees they will charge.  As well as the basic cost of the service you request, they may charge extra transportation fees, extra administration fees, or others.
The names and ownership of these businesses can change.  For up-to-date information, check on line or in current phone book.

Nelson:  Thompson Funeral Services and Crematorium
613  Ward Street, Nelson   250 352 3613

Nakusp:  Valley Funeral Home
101 Nelson Avenue, Nakusp    250 265 4316

This is owned by Thompson’s in Nelson, and also provides service in  Nelson at  250 352 0036
and Trail at 250 364 0036.

Castlegar:   Castlegar Funeral Chapel

411 9th Avenue, Castlegar  250 365 3222

This is owned by Alternatives in Trail.

Trail:  Alternatives Funeral and Cremation Services                   (formerly known as Personal Alternatives)       

298 Pine Avenue, Trail  1 800 780 3322,  250 368 8080

This business uses Carberry’s Chapel in Trail for services.

Kelowna:  Springfield Funeral Home will do cremations on weekends if the body is delivered to them.  Extra would be charged for transportation from New Denver.