Healing and Love of Caring for the Dead.

The Healing Power of Caring for Our Own Dead

What is the single most prevalent fear for humans? Death. And what is the single most healing act available to humans? Love. In caring for the dead, we love. As an act of love, we are able to transform our overwhelming fear into something that fills us with awe.

Serving the Dead

We honor the vessel, the body of our beloved. We disturb it as little as possible. We tend to it with respect, and as if it is still inhabited by the one we love. We talk quietly. We surround it in gentle light and with tokens of our love.

Serving the Families of the Dead

We give permission to carry out the heart’s desire to care for their beloved family member. We offer truth in dispelling the misunderstandings that surround death care. We give the family guideposts on an unfamiliar path.

Serving Love

All that we do, we do in the name of love as we care for our departed loved one. We honor and acknowledge the love that connects us and best prepares us to escort our loved ones out of this life. We stand by the premise that no one can better tend to our departed than those who have known and loved them.

Many thanks to Crossings.net for the beautiful statements above.