Private Funeral costs

                                 COSTS of BURIAL or CREMATION

All expenses are the responsibility of the family of the deceased or their estate. Costs vary greatly and may be higher than quoted. Local cemetery fees are higher after hours, on weekends and holidays, and for non-residents.

In 2017, excluding taxes, approximate costs START at:

Coffin                                                                $275.00  Last Wishes has supply on hand
Grave space in New Denver Cemetery       $150.00
Non Resident grave space                            $400.00
Opening and Closing the Grave                   $350.00
Ash burial                                                         $90.00
Urn                                                                     prices vary
Cremation                                                         $ 950.00+ can vary depending on provider
Embalming (rarely required)                        $ 460   Check with local funeral director.


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