Full name ________________________________________________________

Disposition of body:

I request ____ conventional burial at ____________________ cemetery

________cremation ________ ashes returned to my family

     ________ burial of ashes at ________________________

   ________ scattering of ashes at ____________________

Type of service:

I request __________ graveside service

             __________funeral service

                 __________memorial service

    __________no service

I have arranged donation of ___ eyes

                                                               _____ other organs

arrangements are made with _________________________________

I understand that feasibility of organ donation depends upon time and

place of death.

I request ____ no viewing of my body

     ______ suitable time for viewing of my body without embalming

     ______ embalming if necessary to allow family members to arriveto view if they wish

I would like any donations to go to: ______________________________

At the service I would like (flowers, music etc)_______________________


lf possible, I would Iike my coffin to be made by _____________________

Other wishes ________________________________________________

Signature______________________________________.          Date___________________

Download or preview the preplanning document here: Preplanning

serenity-benchAnyone who stays away from a death because of distress, because the physical aspects can be so very unpleasant, will turn out to have missed the one experience of a lifetime which can make known the true heights of love.
-Evelyn Francis Capel