Required Forms

Forms Check List
 1. Registration of Death, required by the Department of Vital Statistics
2. Medical Certificate of Death, supplied and completed by physician or coroner
3. Burial Permit, will be received from Vital Statistics
4. Private Transfer Permit, from Business Practices and Consumer Protection Branch
5. Cremation Authorization, supplied by Crematorium
6. Death Certificate, issued by Vital Statistics
7. Birth Certificate or Immigration Papers
8. Notification of Death, obtained from and returned to Government of Canada
9. Death Benefit Application, obtained from and returned to Government of Canada.
10. Mailing forms.

Fill all forms out in black ink so the writing can be copied by fax machines. Have a local fax number ready for forms to be faxed to you.
Fax is advised for security reasons, as identity theft is easier if information is processed online. If you do not have access to a fax machine, there is one at the Health Center.

This form is required by the Department of Vital Statistics as soon as possible following the death. The forms are numbered, and will be faxed to you when you call 250 712 7562 or 250 861 7592, or email
Last Wishes recommends completing the Vital Statistics form as part of the preplanning process, as this includes the required  information for Registration of Death. It is an added stress to gather this material at the time death occurs.

The physician of the person who has died will supply this form and fill it out, and it may need to be picked up when completed.
Information concerning the cause of death is confidential to the next-of-kin.
If the coroner is involved, they will issue this Certificate.
Unless a legal name change has taken place, the name on these forms must be the same as the name on the person’s Birth Certificate, or the forms will be rejected.
The Birth Certificate or Immigration Papers may be required and should be available.

The Registration of Death and Medical Certificate of Death must be faxed together to Vital Statistics as soon as possible to 250 712 7598.

The Burial Permit will be faxed back from Vital Statistics within a couple of hours of receiving the Registration of Death and Medical Certificate of Death. The Burial Permit and Private Transfer Permit together authorize transportation of the body.
Three copies will be issued: one for the funeral director, or the family in the case of a private funeral; one for a religious leader if one is involved; and one for the cemetery or crematorium.
On weekends, there is a problem obtaining a Burial Permit, as the Vital Statistics Office is closed and a Permit will not be issued until Monday. If a weekend death is expected, the form may be requested ahead of time. If difficulty occurs on a weekend, it may be appropriate to obtain assistance from a commercial funeral provider.

This form is required because a commercial funeral provider is not involved, and is headed BPCPA Cemetery and Funeral Services. A copy may be available through Last Wishes; if not, call the District Registrar in Nakusp at 250 265 4865. It should be filled out, faxed, and returned to you, before the body is moved.

A form for this authorization is provided by the crematorium, to be completed by the executor or next-of-kin. The crematorium requires copies of the Medical Certificate of Death, Burial Permit and Private Transfer Permit. They may also ask for the Birth Certificate or Immigration Papers.

This certificate is required if there is an estate to settle, for death benefits, to obtain compassionate airline tickets and for other reasons. It is obtained by calling the District Registrar’s office in Nakusp, at 250 265 4865, and faxing in the completed form. There is a fee for each copy.

These may be required.

This is used to stop payment of CPP and Old Age Pensions, GST benefits etc, in order to avoid overpayment which would then need to be returned.
Call 1 800 959 8281 to obtain the forms.

The Death Benefit is a one-time, lump sum payment made to the estate of the deceased,  if they have paid into CPP. The amount depends upon the payments made to the plan; in 2017 the maximum was $ 2,500.00. The Death Benefit is taxable and will need to be declared as income on the deceased’s final income tax form.
CPP Survivor’s Pension for legal spouse or common-law partner.
CPP Children’s Benefit for dependent or adopted children under 18.
Appropriate forms may be obtained at 1 800 277 9914 or


Within a couple of weeks of the death, the original copies of the Registration of Death and Medical Certificate of Death, together with a copy of the Birth Certificate, must be mailed to:
The Department of Vital Statistics
101, 1475 Ellis Street
Kelowna, BC V1Y 2A3.