Starting Your Own Society

BC is the only province in Canada which allows private funerals. This means that individuals and families can care for their own deceased loved ones, instead of employing a commercial funeral provider. To do this, certain procedures must be followed in order to fulfill legal requirements. If these stipulations are not followed correctly, there is a risk that private funerals will no longer be permitted.

To Develop a Burial Society in your Community:

  1. Call a meeting to get an idea of community support.
  2. Establish a board of directors.
  3. Develop society membership.
  4. Name your group, and if you wish to apply for grants, register your society.
  5. Carefully examine information on line to determine what is legally required for a private funeral.
  6. Find the crematorium and burial sites in or near your community. At present in the Kootenays, over 90% of people choose cremation. Green burial is becoming important to many people and may be permitted in your area.
  7. Make up a handout to give to people who are interested or whose loved one has died.
  8. Establish a list of people who will provide advice and support when a death occurs.
  9. Educational events are helpful to publicize your group, eg open house, advance directives workshops.
  10. Ask a local lawyer to examine your paper work to ensure that it complies fully with current legal requirements. The law shifts and changes over time, so it is important to keep up to date.

    Disclaimer:  This page is provided for information only. Carpenter Creek Last Wishes Society assumes no responsibility for the activities of your group.